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High Density Polyethylene Geomembranes Liners are high quality HDPE geomembranes that provide the following benefits:

 Excellent chemical resistance
 Outstanding stress crack resistance
 Lowest permeability
 History of proven performance

Polyethylene Membrane is available with either a black or natural colour and Polyethylene Textured is available as either single or double sided textured geomembrane in black or natural colour.
The chemical resistance of HDPE is the best of any available geomembranes. Polyethylene is chemically resistant to a wide variety of chemicals including aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons. They have been used successfully for years as primary and secondary landfill liners, in secondary containment applications and as liners for mining leach pads.
Polyethylene is manufactured from resins specially designed to provide outstanding resistance to stress cracking. The appendix to ASTM D 5397, Single Point Notched Constant Tensile Load, is the test method most commonly specified for determination of stress crack resistance.
Permeability of HDPE geomembranes is the lowest of any available geomembranes. This coupled with outstanding chemical and stress crack resistance combine to maximize the integrity of containment for any application.
Perhaps the most important attribute textured geomembranes offer is the ability to improve geosynthetic profile stability which ultimately maximizes the available volume that can be contained by the geomembrane. The ability to line steeper slopes allows increases in design capacity providing cost savings. The light reflective property reduces heat gain, thereby reducing wrinkling, subgrade desiccation and worker fatigue.
Salient Features of HDPE Geomembrane Liners :
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Ultra Violent Rays Stabilized
Light in Weight
100% Seepage Control
Low Permeability
Stress Crack Resistant
Easy Laying and Fabrication
Maximum Width Advantage (6mtr - 9mtr width)
Uses & Application of HDPE Geomembranes Liners :
Landfills for domestic and industrial waste
Landfill capping / closure
Wastewater treatment tanks
Mining-leach pads
Vertical curtain walls
Secondary containment systems
Plant, tanks and industrial ponds internal covering for treatment or Storage
Protection against corrosion
Temporal landfills capping
Infrastructure Foundation
Water lagoons
Golf course lagoons
Garden and aquaculture ponds
Ornamental ponds
Floating covers
Potable water tanks or special tanks
Pipe lining
Civil works in general
Road platforms
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