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We have extensive process & fabrication facilities for producing all types of Engineering Products & Components as per clients drawing, specification, sample under expert supervision to achieve high quality & accuracy.
Thermoplastics can be extruded to the different profiles. We have extrusion facility to manufacture profiles like round, square and rectangular bars, pipes, tubings, and other profiles to engineering value. The above profiles are extruded in different Thermoplastics materials like Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PolyAcetal, Acrylic, etc.,
Thermoplastic can be injection moulded to the desired shape & sizes. We have injection moulding facility to mould the industrial components to any engineering shapes & sizes, weight scaling from 5 grams Ė 2500 grms. These components can be moulded in different thermoplastics as per customerís drawing, specification or sample.
Few of the thermoplastic like Nylon, Acrylic & Polyurethane can also be given shape by casting process. We have facility for casting such polymers, which offers greater flexibility because of the limitless size and shape of casting. The shape and size with longer volume & weight which canít be produce by injection moulding or extrusion process can be made by casting process.
We have extensive machining facilities in our tool room to take up the machining of any engineering value in all thermoplastic. The machined components are made as per customer drawings, specification or sample in expert supervision for high accuracy and precision.
Few of the thermoplastics can be welded to make different type of industrial products like tanks, pipe line and other complicated shapes to give maximum varieties of fabricated items. This welding facility includes Hot air welding. Hot plate welding and Ultrasonic welding.
Most of the thermoplastics can be thermoformed by pressure forming or vaccum forming and blow forming to give most complex shape to the product. Thermoforming is being done from flat sheet of Acrylic, P.P., HIPS, ABS P.C. We under take all these type of thermoforming jobs as per customer requirement.
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