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PVC Clear Flexible Door Strips with designed hanging hardware are highly effective with simple concept. Strips are hung with a 50 per cent overlap in small interior apertures as factory partition. They can be used for virtually any size opening from small parcel door to jumbo-sized aircraft hangers. Features and advantages include unlimited access by vehicle and pedestrian; energy conservation; increasing efficiency on shop floors; effective reduction in heat, cold and humidity loss of dust transmission; preventing birds, flies, etc., from entering the working area; maintenance free requiring occasional wash; walk through hand free self open, self closed; temperature range of -5o C to +50oC, specially grade for cold store can withstand up to -35o C.
Automobile Industries
Textile Mills
Tea/Coffee/Tobacco Industries
Cold Storage, Ice Cream Units
Hotels & Restaurants
Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs
Engineering Industries
And many others
Prevents dust & Noise
Prevents birds, files insects
Prevents the loss of Air conditioning
Uninterrupted movement of persons or trolleys
Maintenance free
Energy Conservation
Improved working Environment
Technical Specifications:
Clear transparent PVC Curtains are made from flexible transparent PVC Sheet of 2 mm thickness X 200 mm width strip, these strips are hanged on Aluminum angle fitted with M.S. plated nuts, bolts & washers. Then this Aluminum angle is fitted with anchor Bolts on the ceiling. These curtains are made with 50% of over lap throughout the length of the Door to avoid any lickage of Air Conditioning or passing over of any dust particles. However, it can be change as per the customer specifications or requirements. These curtains are washable by plain water.
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